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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning & GUTTER CLEANING

We will ensure the long term peak performance of your solar panels, this will extend the life of your system, maintain your manufacturer’s   
warranty, save you money by lowering your electricity bill and in some cases, provide you with a revenue stream through solar credit rebates.

Cleaning your panels maximises and optimises the overall efficiency of your solar array. We can also clean your guttering.

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Commercial Solar panel cleaning  

Large oganisations who rely on their solar arrays to minimise the cost of electricity rely on these panels to be effective in the solar gathering and output production of the system as a whole. Over time the output will diminish due to dirt, bird matter, dust, chemical residue and other enviromental factors.

Townsville Solar Clean has years of experience in cleaning large commercial arrays, some of our regular commercial sites are The Good Shepherd Home, Solas Org, Cueldee Clothing Company, Holy Spirit, Ryan Catholic College, Southern Cross Catholic College and St Joseph's just to name a few.  

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Bird Proofing Installation

The unfortunate side of owning a solar panel system is sometimes birds want to share it with you by becoming unwelcome guests. Not only do they make a lot of noise on your roof, they also leave their calling cards all over, under and around your panels. They also invite their extended family to move in. To top it off they also decide to rear their own families under your panels...

The bad news is that this activity can effect the viability of your panels through output reduction by the constant peppering of faecal matter on your system, the birds being active under your system will cause damage to wiring, electronics and other vital areas.

Townsville Solar Clean has a unique bird proofing installation which is very cost effective and does not involve drilling into your roof (I hate leaks and found an alternative to this)...

If you have birds actively living under your panels and you want your sanity back;

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