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are you ready to experience a solar panel clean?

We're ready to return your panels to their maximum output!!

You went to all the effort and cost of installing solar panels, make sure you’re getting the maximum output from your investment. Even a thin film of dirt reduces your panels efficiency and takes money from you. 

In most cases this loss of output can be up to 30% of your systems potential and in some cases even more.


- Ensure peak performance
- Extend the life of your system
- Maintain your manufacturer’s   
- Save you money
- Optimise efficiency


Manufacturers are now in agreement that cleaning and inspecting solar panels on a regular basis will improve electrical output. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also ensure that you don't void your warranty.


Dirt and dust
Smog and ash       
Moss and fungus 
Saps pollens and debris from trees
Bird and animal droppings
Ocean salt (coastal areas) 
Pesticides & fertilizer sprays (agricultural areas) 
Commercial and industrial residues 
Pollution from vehicles/heavy transport 

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ABN - 13 848 076 579

Townsville Solar Clean has ability to clean residential, commercial and government solar arrays.

We offer a professional, time efficient service to maintain the output of your array.

Townsville Solar Clean uses a 2 stage de-ionising resin bead filtering system to produce a chemical free clean.

Our system utilises water saving technology, enabling us to clean your panels without wasting your water.

Filtered water systems are the only way to guarantee a spotless clean.

This is the best way to maintain your panels and ensure they last for many years to come.  

We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a cleaning service.

We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better, easier, help reduce your electricity bill and hopefully put some money back in  your pocket.. 

Ask us:

When we are up on your roof, we will quickly remove any garden litter off your roof, after all it is our workspace and we like it to be tidy.

We will even coil up your hose and leave the area tidier than before we arrived, it's our promise to you!!


We support local business.

If you're looking for a local tradesman, we are more than happy to recommend some really dedicated professionals, who just happened to be local businesses just like us. Keeping money in the local community is what we aim to do, everyone benefits from it.


On time appointments!!!

We pride ourselves on being punctual for all our clients. We understand how frustrating it is when you make an appointment with a tradesperson to attend to your needs only to be left waiting or in some cases, a no show. 

Townsville Solar Clean relies on you as a client, we will never leave you waiting, in most cases we arrive a little ahead of time.  We also remain flexible with our appointments for those sudden things that happen in life. 

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